How is Capt. Dan working with COVID-19 Concerns.


1. Capt. Dan and Capt. Gavin have both recieved the vaccine. Though not back running yet, Capt. Ray has received his vaccine too.


2. We are limiting most of our trips to "private tours" only. That means one single booking for a group who has the whole boat to themselves. Our prices have changed to reflect the new "whole boat" pricing, as opposed to individual pricing.


3.  *Update 6/1/2021* Since things are relaxing, we are no longer disinfecting the boat between every trip. Capt. Dan will now disinfect the boat for you upon request


4. **Update 4/27** We will begin running our "Afternoon Pony Tour" with mixed groups, masks not required. This reinstates the "per person" rate for this specific trip. This is designed for people who are vaccinated, but we have no authority to request that information.


5. Capt. Dan and Capt. Gavin perfer not to wear masks. On private tours, by request, they will.