Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice to cancel your trip with no charge. This gives us time to rebook your seats. All cancellations must be done by phone, leaving a voicemail is acceptable. Please DO NOT cancel your trip via email or Facebook, as we may not receive your email or message in a timely manner.

If you are not at the dock at prior to departure time, we will attempt to call you to find you (using the number you gave us when you made your reservation). If there is no answer we will attempt to leave a message. If you do not reach out to us by departure time, we will leave without you. You will be charged for any seats you reserved.

During inclement weather there is no charge if we cancel, and no charge if we give you the option to cancel for less than favorable weather conditions.

In 2019 we started sending guests text message reminders the night before their trip. Guests who simply do not show up, and do not call to cancel, will be charged for their trip.

*** 2020 UPDATE: If you are concerned you have symptoms of COVID19, you may cancel at anytime prior to departure time with no charge.***