Winter Cruising


After being in business for 14 years, this is our first attempt at winter cruising. Most days will not be fit for a boat ride, but if the forecast gives us a good day,  we will give it a try. We are only booking 48 hours in advance, so we can get a good feel for the weather.

Our boats provide no shelter whatsoever. So when the outside temp is below 60 will feel even colder on the boat (due to the breeze we feel as we cruise up to 17mph). You can figure the "feels like" temp to be 15-20 degrees lower than the forecast temperature.

So....bundle up. You need an insulated layer to keep your heat, but also a wind breaking outer layer to keep the wind from getting in. Ski gear works really well. Don't forget about your head and hands too. Any exposed skin that the wind hits will be very cold.

Temps below 45 degrees need very serious preparation. Our trips run 2 to 3 hours. So if your core temp starts dropping 15 minutes in, you can quite literally be hypothermic before we return to the dock. Cold temps need to be taken seriously and prepared for.

You can make the decision to cancel your trip at any time, prior to departure, with no charge. I would prefer you decide 1 hour prior to departure (before I start getting the boat ready). Chance of rain, or winds over 10mph may be cause for cancellation. We can’t afford to get even a little wet when it’s so cold.