How is Capt. Dan working with COVID-19 Concerns.

1. We are limiting our trips to "private tours" only. That means one single booking for a group who has the whole boat to themselves. Our prices have changed to reflect the new "whole boat" pricing, as opposed to individual pricing.


2. According to Virginia law: Wearing masks is not mandatory (we are outside, and in a private setting). For that reason, we will leave mask wearing to the discretion of our guests.


3. USCG interpretation of executive order 13998, "requires masks be worn on all “public maritime vessels, including ferries “to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19". In 2020, we decided to make our trips "private tours only", with no mixed groups (at a great finical loss). Our boats are not “public vessels" or "ferries", and we do not operate from a “transportation hub”.  It is unclear how effective/important this specific regulation is, with respect to a group of non-strangers, who charter a private trip, on a small boat. It is only your group, and my captain (maybe a crew member) on board for your trip. Masks may be required by this federal mandate.



4. After each trip, Capt.Dan will disinfect the boat. Capt. Dan can furnish you with the name of the specific disinfectant he uses for your trip, upon request. We have several. All disinfectants are listed on the "EPA N-List" of approved disinfectants.


5. If Capt. Dan feels ill, has a fever, or any other symptoms of COVID-19, the trip will be canceled. By the same token, if guests suspect illness, they may cancel their trip at no charge.