How is Capt. Dan working with COVID-19 Concerns.


1. We are limiting our trips to "private tours" only. One single booking for a group who has the whole boat to themselves.


2. We require our guests to wear masks while aboard our vessel. Capt. Dan will wear a mask for the duration of the trip as well.


3. After each trip, Dan will wash and disinfect the boat. Upon request, Dan can furnish you with the name of the specific disinfectant he uses. We have several. All disinfectants are listed on the "EPA N-List" of approved disinfectants.


4. Dan will take his temperature prior to arriving at the dock. If he has a fever, the trip will be canceled. By the same token, if guests suspect illness, they may cancel their trip at no charge.


5. Guests are required to complete a short survey, prior to departure and include basic information relevant to COVID19. This information will be stored in a digital log book for at least 1 year, and may be sequestered by the Virginia Department of Health.