2021 Rates

2021 Rates

Private Tours:

Focus on what you want, in a private setting, with just the captain (and  crew) and your group on the boat.

6 passengers or less:

$280 credit or $250 cash


7 passengers or more:

Adult $45/$40 (credit/cash)

Child $40/$35 (credit/cash)

Private tour for 7 passengers or more carries a $340 cash minimum


Public Tours:

Public tours take a standard route. Either our "Around the Island Tour" which looks for a little bit of everything. Or the "Afternoon Pony Tour" which manages our time to search for ponies more effectively.

Aboard our 12 passenger boat:

Adult $45/40 (credit/cash)

Child $40/$35 (credit/cash)


After Labor Day, on our 6 passenger boat with very limited availability

Adult $60/$55 (credit/cash)

Child $50/$45 (credit/cash)