2021 Rates (Private Tours)

For the 2021 season, nearly all of our trips will be "Private Tours". When you call to book a trip, it will only be your group on the boat.


For parties of 6 or less, the cost to book the whole boat is $250 credit or $210 cash


Party of 6 would pay: $250 credit or $210 cash

Party of 5 would pay: $250 credit or $210 cash

Party of 2 would pay: $250 credit or $210 cash


We understand that is a big price jump for our regular single riders and parties of 2. My best advice would be to get a small group of friends you’ve already been in close contact with, to fill the boat. That would decrease your individual cost, without increasing your risk of exposure to strangers.


For Parties of 7 or more the cost is a per person rate ($40/$35 credit/cash adult, or $35/$30 credit/cash child under 12). There is now a minimum charge of $300 cash for groups of 7 or more.


Party of 5 Adults and 2 Children:  $300 cash minimum

Party of 8 Adults: $320 credit or $300 cash minimum

Party of 5 Adults and 5 Children: $375 credit or $325 cash

Party of 12 Children: ..........$5,000,000


Our 35' pontoon boat (Miss Abby) is certified to carry up to 16 passengers. For the sake of your comfort, we prefer not to carry more than 12 adults.

If COVID regulations relax, mid-season, we may start running our larger boat with "mixed groups" of upto 12 people. We won't know until that happens.