Afternoon Pony Tour

Our "Afternoon Pony Tour" our singular focus is on pony sightings. We achieve this through time management, moving quickly through non-pony areas, to allow time to search more pony viewing areas. Think of it as the “Pony Express”. This trip takes no specific route, it might not encircle the island, see dolphin, or the Assateague Lighthouse. We are focusing on ponies and may not have time to visit the other areas. This trip may travel up to 40 miles in 2.5 hours.

In 2017 we redesigned our “Pony Tour” by lowering the cost to our standard rate and allowing children of all ages. While we no longer offer the money-back guarantee, we are running the same route which is successful at seeing ponies at less than 100 yards away over 90% of the time. We are now running this trip daily, in the afternoon.  By focusing on just the ponies, we have the time to search areas of Assateague that might not  be possible on our Around the Island Tour. This trip will be aboard our 16 passenger boat, the "Miss Abby".

* The ponies are the primary focus of over 90% of our guests. Many of our “Around the Island Tours” become “Pony Tours” at the request of guests. We just have to manage our time, and guests expectations. By booking a “Private Tour” we can cater to your specific interests.

** In some rare situations, inclement weather (specifically high winds) may limit portions of our pony viewing route. In those situations, guests are welcome to cancel their reservation (at no charge) if they desire. We will either call you, or discuss it with you on the dock before departure.

$40 per adult $35 per child under 12.

($5 per person discount for payments made by cash or check)

Duration 2-2.5 hours, aboard our 16 passenger boat.